An inspiring experience of the rich heritage of Ahmedabad city through my eyes

  Recently, on 2nd October- Gandhi Jayanti I got an opportunity to explore the magnificent architectural heritage of Ahmedabad city. In July 2017, UNESCO declared the old historic city of Ahmedabad as India’s first World Heritage City. In the east of the Sabarmati river lays the walled city of Old Ahmedabad. Sultan Ahmed Shah found […]


6 breathtaking destinations in India worth visiting during the rainy season

  Monsoons in India are magical. Not only they take away all your stress but they also leave you spellbound with its natural beauty! Lush greenery spreads all around. The hills and mountains covered in eye-soothing greenery. Lakes and dams overflow with gushing water. The waterfalls become alive and heavenly adding a unique charm to […]


A quick guide on care for your shoes while on the go

  Shoes! They are one of the most essential things in our daily life. But they are a real concern when you want to travel or have traveled to someplace. A pair of shoes can either make or ruin your trip. It isn’t just all about tossing your shoes in the luggage. Once you reach […]


Beat the summer heat with these cool and healthy ideas

Oh no! The summer season is at its peak and it seems difficult to pass each day.  Due to the scorching heat, you are in no mood to enjoy and embrace the season, right? In fact, each season is blessed with its special features, unique fruits, veggies and flowers. Every season is special and beautiful. […]


How to create a best friend travel bucket list, overcome FOMO

    Ever felt like your life is boring and dull? Do you feel that your friends are having fun and hope you were in their shoes?  This is a feeling of FOMO. When we see nice pictures that people post on Facebook or other social media platforms, the FOMO fear tends to attack many […]

solo travel-image

20 effective travel hacks for solo women travelers

Traveling is a lifetime memorable experience, ladies! Beyond the idea of wandering, women put in their inquisitive efforts of surfing the internet, looking for the travel tips in a more detailed way to make their travel experience completely hassle-free and an unforgettable one. So here we go! Presenting 20 smart travel hacks for women that […]

warmth in rainy season

Top seven health tips to keep you warm during this rainy season

Although the rainy season bestows us a cooling effect after bearing the scorching summers, it also has its own dilemma. Splashes of water everywhere, diseases, reduced immunity, daily hygiene concerns and a lot of precautions have to be taken for the right food to be consumed during the rainy season. While in this most awaited […]

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How to sustain an easy digestive system with monsoon thrills?

As the monsoon season is on arrival, the issues of digestion will also arise as many diseases are also brought in. However, it is vital to eat the right foods in this season to remain healthy. So, let’s check out a few ways to maintain our digestion along with the pleasures of monsoon season: 1. […]