20 effective travel hacks for solo women travelers

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Traveling is a lifetime memorable experience, ladies! Beyond the idea of wandering, women put in their inquisitive efforts of surfing the internet, looking for the travel tips in a more detailed way to make their travel experience completely hassle-free and an unforgettable one.
So here we go! Presenting 20 smart travel hacks for women that make your solo trip much easier and happier:

1. Pre-plan and pre-book the trip
Prior planning is necessary. Book your hotel or accommodation before leaving your home. This way you will save your time once you reach your destination.

2. Get an estimate of the total cost
Once your hotel booking is done, you will find the low-cost and the safest means of travel from the hotel you are staying at or you may ask the hotel security guard about where to find the best means of transport along with the approximate charges in the city.

3. Make a checklist
While going on a trip make a checklist and tick mark everything you need to pack in your bag. Don’t forget to check the list also while returning back from your trip.

4. Pack on light
Go for light-weight clothes, with few bottom-wear and more tops and tees to mix and match with all you carry. Roll the clothes instead of folding to save on extra space. Make sure you carry an extra pair of clothes in your carry-on while traveling by flight, in case there is a mishap with your luggage and gets lost for a few days. Carry extra breathable cotton undies along with sanitary pads and tampons. Opt for a thin, light and a quick dry towel as they save on space.

5. Carry your essential toiletries
Remember to pack your soap, shampoo, conditioner and moisturizing lotion in small pouches or travel-sized bottles for easy use. A small pack of detergent is good to carry along as you will save money by washing and quick drying clothes in the hotel or hostel you accommodate in.

6. Keep your travel destination’s climate and culture in focus
Pack your clothes according to the country’s climate and culture where you are traveling, as you may be aware that certain countries are more conservative.

7. Plastic bags- a necessity
Carry enough plastic bags with you that will help you and save your life troubles while on-the-go.

8. E-books instead of books
A Tablet is a great investment and a valuable space saver as you carry many e-books in your purse to satiate your reading desires.

9. Secure a smart purse
Keeping convenience and security in mind, decide on a smart purse- a medium sling bag or a cross-body pouch with zips that keeps your valuables safe and pick-pockets away.

10. Travel documents essentials
Keep your travel documents like passport, visas, credit cards and gadgets –all together in one place. Also, carry a copy each of your emergency contacts and documents along with you. Scan your documents and email them to yourself, your family member or a friend in case you lose them, it becomes easier to get a new document done.

11. Important chargers
Not to forget your smartphone and tablet chargers as they are very important in avoiding loss of contact and inconvenience. Store your cables and chargers in spectacle cases to keep them safe.

12. Mini packing tips
Using waterproof makeup is much better so as to prevent smudging. Carry them in a waterproof pouch. To carry your jewelry, those small pill containers come in really handy and it helps prevent your jewelry from breakage and keeps it safe.

13. Wear clothes with many pockets
Clothes having deep pockets also are pretty helpful in keeping your hands-free while traveling as you need to carry your sunglasses, lip balm, tickets, other necessary stuff, etc.

14. Plan B is a must
When you travel, unexpected things may happen. If your plan A fails, implement plan B. It would be a good idea to leave your contact details with friends and family before leaving. Always stay in touch with them to inform that you are safe. Leaving some hints for them would be better, so they have an idea when to start looking out for you in case you go MIA.

15. Travel during daytime
Whilst you are traveling in an unknown city or country, it is worthwhile and quite safer to travel while the sun shines as you would easily map your way and enjoy the scenery better.

16. Handling luggage hassles
Mark your luggage as fragile, when you travel by flight so that your baggage is kept on top and handled correctly. This is the reason that your luggage bags will be released soon on arrival.

17. Personal health kit
As you travel, keep a personal health kit that includes medicines for stomach issues, pain relievers, antibiotics, cold medicines, ointments for itch and bandages. These come handy especially when you suffer food poisoning, fever or cuts and scrapes in another city or country where you might end up paying more in their local pharmacy.

18. Stock on enough snacks and munchies
It is definitely great to carry enough homemade snacks and munchies to fill up your stomach at any hour of the day like granola bars, popped corn, dried fruits and nuts, banana chips, roasted chickpeas, soya sticks, fruit roll-ups and protein bars, etc.
In order to satiate your Indian diet, it’s best to carry theplas, puris, gol- papdi, churma ladoo, roasted dals, chivda and many more that don’t spoil up and keep satisfying your hungry belly.

19. Know your whereabouts
Whether you are in a new city or in an unknown area, make sure you get your hotel or hostel’s card with their exact address and contact details. This makes easier for you to come back to the hotel you are staying in without any troubles.

20. Be confident and happy
Yes, above all be happy you are traveling solo. But equally, have your confidence right! Being confident will lead to taking the right decisions in your trip. Remember, you can and you will accomplish well!!!


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