A quick guide on care for your shoes while on the go


Shoes! They are one of the most essential things in our daily life. But they are a real concern when you want to travel or have traveled to someplace. A pair of shoes can either make or ruin your trip.

It isn’t just all about tossing your shoes in the luggage. Once you reach your travel destination and you unpack your stuff, you must have noticed tons of times that your shoes may either have bent, flattened or in a spoilt shape. Agree!

Also, you must have come across the foot odor stink in your clothes or ended up with sore feet and blisters after a day of traveling. I have listed a few effective care tips that will definitely make your day and enhance your trip:

1. Pack your shoes appropriately in your luggage

To save your shoes from the damage, you will need to know how to pack them in a proper way. It is obvious that you would love to carry at least 2 pairs of shoes for your travel. Probably they are the bulkiest stuff you will be packing but knowing how to pack it right will save a lot of space.

Stuff your socks and underwear is the best way to keep your shoes in a natural shape. To save more space, place them in an interlocking shape. Place your shoes in a dust bag and wrap the dust bag with a soft cloth such as a jumper or pajama.

If you have a top-loading or front-loading backpack, pack your shoes first and place them in the bottom. Shoes are mostly the heaviest item in your luggage so putting it in the bottom can balance the content of your backpack. You will easily find them too!

Don’t forget to pack your shoe accessories such as extra shoelaces, shoe polish, shoe inserts, etc. It’s extremely important to pack all the extras that you need for your shoe care.


2. Using a waterproof spray

A waterproof spray comes to your rescue when you want to protect your shoes against the weather. Think about what if you had to travel with wet and cold feet despite wearing the shoes.

While your leather boot lined with fur may look stylish and will keep your feet warm. But they are not usually water-resistant. Protect and enhance your most shoes by using a good quality waterproof spray.

Spray it on the exterior of your footwear prior to your trip. If your trip includes trekking then most hiking shoes these days are made from waterproof materials, however, you need to check on the specifications.


3. Care tips for your shoes throughout the entire trip

  • Apart from packing shoes appropriately and using a waterproof spray, it is also necessary to take apt steps to protect your shoes through the entire trip. This will save from the damage and add comfort to your feet.
  • Make sure you let your shoes dry completely for at least 24hrs before you wear them again in case they get wet. However, avoid drying them using heat vents or radiators so that you don’t damage your shoes.
  • You can even stuff newspaper in your shoes to reduce its drying time. Similar to socks, stuffing newspaper in shoes helps retain its natural shape.
  • Making a constant effort to keep your shoes clean throughout your trip will make them more breathable. Simply wipe the dirt away with a paper towel or a cleaning cloth can help with comfort and good smell.


4. Keep your shoes odor-free

It’s obvious that after you’ve worn your shoes, they will be packed back in your luggage.  If they’re not odor-free or smelling fresh, then your whole suitcase will stink and have a foul smell.

To keep your shoes odor-free, use things that are handy such as baby powder and rubbing alcohol, which will work effectively.

Baby powder is a great preventive measure. Rub some powder on your feet before you wear your shoes if you’re prone to smelly feet.

Rubbing alcohol is easily available and you just need to pour or rub over the soiled part of your shoes to remove the odor. Apart from reducing the stinky smell, rubbing alcohol also disinfects the footwear.


5. Travel with the right footwear

While you travel, one of the most vital tips to wear the right footwear is the comfort and shoe care. Before you visit your destination, it is essential to spend some time researching important details such as weather, climate and other facts which may influence your choice of appropriate shoes.

If you are traveling to unstable areas, then safety shoes might be just right for you. If you are heading to the beach, then you might be fine with your flip flops and sandals. Sneakers and training shoes are perfect for varying terrain and flats are compact and extremely comfortable to walk around in the city.


6. Foot care and your shoes

There is no doubt that moving around the whole day will result in tired and sore feet. Isn’t it? Keeping that in mind, choose comfort over style when you decide on your travel shoes.

While traveling, avoid wearing a new pair of shoes to keep away from shoe bites, sore feet, discomfort and other forms of pain. If you wish to travel in your new shoes, it is necessary to break your shoes in. Wear your shoes indoors over a few days without walking too much. Let the heat of your feet shape and soften the shoe material.  They will fit better and your feet will thank you in the long run.

Besides caring for your shoes, it is equally important to care for your feet. Carry a first aid kit that has all basic foot care included. Your foot care kit must-have nail file, clippers, strapping tape in case you feel your feet begin to rub, blister patches and Hikers Wool or Sports Wool to wrap your toes. Also, you need to learn some basic first aid to prevent and treat blisters and deal with foot pain and discomfort.

Happy traveling!





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