Beat the summer heat with these cool and healthy ideas

Oh no! The summer season is at its peak and it seems difficult to pass each day.  Due to the scorching heat, you are in no mood to enjoy and embrace the season, right? In fact, each season is blessed with its special features, unique fruits, veggies and flowers.

Every season is special and beautiful. It’s just that you need to learn how to enjoy the season at its best! Let’s make this summer season more enjoyable by taking care and certain precautions. Here are some cool ideas to beat the sizzling temperatures:

1. Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water, approximately 3 litres a day and carry enough water when you need to go out. Drinking fresh fruit juices help make up for the loss of water in your body.

You can infuse your water with fresh fruits such as lemon, lime, oranges and mint. It actually encourages you to drink more water with a refreshing taste.

2.Eat seasonal fruits and veggies

Add summer seasonal fruits and veggies to your daily diet such as watermelon, mangoes, lime and cucumber, etc. They include lots of water and are rich in vitamins and minerals. The summer season arrives with many interesting fruits and vegetables that will add colors to your meals daily.

3. Wear cotton and linen clothes

Choose cotton and linen fabrics for summers as they keep you cool and soak up all the sweat from your body. Try to pick light colors and wear loose-fitting clothes for extra comfort. Avoid synthetic clothes. Wear full sleeve clothes to prevent your arms from tanning.

4.Water activities and water sports

Take a splash in the pool, go for a swim or enjoy a day out at your favorite water park. This lowers down your body temperatures and gives you a cooling effect. Other water activities include kayaking, surfing, sailing, jet-skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, etc.

But as per the COVID-19 scenario in the present day, there may be certain restrictions that you’ll need to check out while on your visit to the public beaches and more. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

5. Take quick showers

Frequent cold showers help to keep your body temperature low and rinse off the sweat from your body. You need not waste a lot of water instead a quick cool shower works wonders! It’s a great way to cool off your body that lasts for a while.

6.Rose petal spread

It is popularly known as Gulkand in India. According to Ayurveda, the rose has a cooling effect on your emotions, mind and body. You can have it alone, in your tea, spread over toast, dessert or fruit.

7. Cool your home naturally

Block the sunlight in the summer season with light colored curtains at your home. Switch off most electronics which are not in use as they emit heat. Use ceiling fans and exhaust fans to cross ventilate and cool your home.

Keep the windows open at night as it creates an effective cooling pressure. 

8.Try water workouts

Water workouts or aqua yoga works best during summers and effectively cool your body from inside. But take care to not go for water workouts during peak hours as it may lead to heat stroke. Early morning or evening is the best time for water workouts. You can also do workouts at your personal pool especially during the COVID-19 situation.

9. Look for some shade

During summer, finding some shade will help you to escape from the scorching sun. Shades of trees, umbrella, roll blinds, wire shades that block direct sunlight are all helpful.

Use pastel colors and light fabrics for curtains or use blackout curtains that help block the sunlight and cool your home at room temperatures.

10. Chill and take it easy

With the sizzling temperatures on, it isn’t necessary to exert and do your work in a rigorous manner. Instead, accomplish your tasks that are extremely essential and make it possible in early morning or evenings.

Focus on activities that you enjoy and make you happy. Learn to enjoy whatever you are doing in the present. After all, summers are fun.

11. Keep away from oily and processed food

The digestion system weakens during the summer season, so it is recommended to avoid or stay away from oily and processed food.  It is better to choose food which is fresh and light and can easily digest.  

12. Increase your fluid intake

Apart from drinking more water, you can have fresh fruit juices and milkshakes that are rich in electrolytes necessary to replenish your body of its mineral loss. Avoid caffeine and alcohol though. Buttermilk is also a great option to cool your body.

13. Chill your sheets and mattresses

Fold your sheets, place them in a plastic bag and let them cool in the refrigerator for almost 20-30 minutes before bedtime.

Freeze a cotton sock filled with rice and slip in between the sheets. Rice will keep it chilled for a longer time. You can even put soft gel ice packs on the top of the mattress or under the sheets for that cooling effect.

14. Stay indoors

Unless extremely important, avoid going out in the sun in summers. Spend maximum daytime indoors and try to complete tasks from your home, if possible. If you are getting bored at home, invest your time in activities such as reading books, writing, singing, playing music, painting, etc.

15. Care for your skin

While you need to go out in the sun, use a good sunscreen with a high SPF. It protects your skin from getting damaged from the strong sun rays. It is advisable to apply sunscreen at least 15-20 minutes prior to going out. Wear sunglasses and use a hat to go out in the sun.

16. Plan a cooler vacation

It’s a good idea to plan a vacation to a cooler destination but with respect to the COVID-19 travel restrictions. You will spend some family time, visit a new place and also beat the summer heat for a week or two. Need to beat the heat? Oh yes!

17. Extra care in food and water consumption

Although tempting, it is always better to avoid cold foods and drinks in summers. Avoid consuming water and food from street vendors as water-borne diseases are common in this season. Also, milk and dairy products spoil rapidly in the summer season and need to be consumed with extreme care.

18. Some emergency measures

If you are unable to bear the summer heat and your temperature is rising, immediately put your hands, feet or face in cold water which will cool down your body heat. You can do this anywhere in a bucket of water.

Another remedy is to know your body’s cooling points or pulse points such as your ankles, wrists and neck. Apply ice cubes wrapped in a towel or place gel ice packs to these pulse points to cool down your body heat effectively and rapidly.


Not many people’s favorite, the summers are exciting and fun and has a lot to offer us.

We must understand that our body requires to be treated in a different manner in every season. It’s just that we need to learn to adjust ourselves according to each season. . Also, the current pandemic situation worldwide has taught each one of us to take precautionary measures such as increased fluid intake, better sanitization, wearing masks, vaccinations, etc.  

We need to bring changes to our diet as well as clothing every season. It’s then only we will be able to enjoy every season to its fullest.

Scorching heat in the summer season can affect everyone. However, bringing changes in small things will make it simpler to stay healthy this summer.

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